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Happy Families

Judy cared for my two daughters about fifteen years ago, but it seems like just yesterday!  When I think about the kind of caregiver she was, I remember how she kept each one of my daughters close to her heart.  Heavenly Kids Daycare isn’t just ANY daycare.  We still keep in touch to this day, and I know it’s mostly because of the pride she feels in watching my children grow.

 In today’s world when family schedules are hectic and scattered all over the place, Judy provides a structured environment with scheduled activities that are enriching for young children.  As an educator, I know that young children thrive in this kind of environment.  When routines are predictable, they feel a sense of security.  You as the parent can relax and be worry-free as you head off to your tough day at work!

            Another wonderful aspect of Heavenly Kids Daycare is that it’s provided in a warm, welcoming, and clean home environment.  Your child will experience walks around the neighborhood, the smell of cookies baking in the oven, and other aspects that not many commercial daycares can provide.  Judy truly cares for and knows what’s best for your child.  To this day, I still credit her for potty-training my youngest daughter!  She’s simply the best of the best when it comes to caregivers!


Judy Salmon is a sincere and caring child care provider.  I feel comfortable entrusting her with the care of my son.  Her home is very warm and inviting.  Judy's years of parenting and child care experience are impressive.  She loves kids & kids love her.  

In fact, I believe the children are the best testament to her work.  When I arrive each morning, the children (much their own little family) always appear excited, happy & well-adjusted.  As a parent, her open communication philosophy is greatly appreciated. 

I would highly recommend Judy as a daycare provider.

-      Heather Moreland

I started sending my children to Judy’s daycare in 2002.  My children were four, two and three months old.  We were truly blessed that Judy just happened to have openings during the time that I called her asking about her home daycare.  After we met, I knew I wanted my children to go there.  Judy has such a warm personality and my children quickly grew to love her.  My children went to Judy’s daycare for four years and were a part of her “daycare family”.   I would refer anyone I know to Judy and highly recommend her daycare. 

 -        Candy Schott