Welcome to Heavenly Angels Childcare!

Children are subjected to a fast paced world today more than ever before. With the demands of today’s busy lifestyles, children have a lifetime ahead of them filled with overbooked schedules in impersonal, overly structured environments.

Heavenly Angels Childcare provides a nurturing and secure environment in which children can safely explore, learn, play and develop in all areas of growth.

Whether you are new to the Omaha area, or you are just returning to the workforce, I invite you to call or email me for a personal interview and see for yourself just how Heavenly childcare can be.

Explore & Play

Children can play and feel safe while encouraged to explore and grow.  We create crafts several times a week that incorporate learning and support social skill building and safe exploration.


Read what our families have said regarding care of their children while enrolled in Heavenly Angels Childcare.

Openings & Enrollment

Check current availability and if interested, pre-enroll your child, submitting your childcare needs ahead of your visit. 

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